Dawn Elizabeth Payson
May 16, 1971     -     March 29, 1999

Most or all of these pictures are linked to larger higher-quality versions. Click on any picture to see its larger version.

Three pictures of Dawn Elizabeth with Casper. Dawn never liked the third picture all that much, but for me it captures the essence of Dawn, Casper, and contentment.

Six pictures we had taken at the photo studio in the Bolingbrook Wal-Mart. The free pictures on disk deal was pretty cool, even though the resolution wasn't great. It was still good enough to print up photos to give out as wedding favors (the sixth one).

Dawn Elizabeth and I went to Cape Cod for our honeymoon. Dawn had never set foot in the Atlantic before, but here you can see the first (and last) time she did so. Since the water was rather cold, one foot was sufficient.

This picture, with the included text, was printed on a couple of T-shirts for myself, Dawn's mother, and a couple relatives. I really like the picture with the caption.