About this site

This site was produced using hand-crafted HTML and is, of course, dedicated to my beloved Sweetie. While I started work on a site on Angelfire.com shortly after Dawn died, I found it very hard to work on it without getting lost in a rêverie. Now, on the anniversary of her death, I am rededicating my efforts toward creating a more comprehensive site.

The background artwork is the wallpaper Dawn had set on her computer, and comes from a Rich Mullins web site [it's used here with permission of that site's owner]. Dawn really loved Rich Mullins' music and had corresponded with him. The lines in the background are from some of his songs. BTW, I highly recommend his CD Canticle of the Plains. Unfortunately, I lost my copy shortly after Dawn died, but have since found another. It's less than 50 minutes, but I would never have guessed that since it's so fully packed with wonderful songs.

I have tried to make this site usable by users with different browsers and tastes. The same content should be available with and without frames, though background music support (if you like it) is only available via frames. The song (lyrics on main page) came to me in a dream one night in 1992; I transcribed it immediately but never got beyond those four lines. Though I hadn't met Dawn in 1992, the song somehow fit her to a "T" and so I've dedicated it to her. The midi on this web site is a re-orchestrated version produced after Dawn's death.

As of now, there is much to be done on this site. Let me know what you think of it, especially if you find any HTML coding problems [I'm new at this]. Thanks. dwnlzbth@casperkitty.com